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viernes, 12 de junio de 2009

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Attention: Entrepreneurs, laid off workers, home makers and all those
that are choosing not to participate in the depression...

You're Just Days Away From
Making Over
$4,000 PER WEEK!

Imagine Making One 5 Minute Phone
Call To A Special Service Once Or Twice A Week,
Then Only Work One Or Two Hours A Day
To Generate Up To
$10,000 Or $20,000 Or
Even $30 To $40,000...
Every Single Month!!

Dear Wealth Seeker:

Hello my name is Pat Washmon and I thank you for visiting my site.
I know you are
busy and so I'll get straight to the point. This means I want to give you factual, useful
information rather than the same gobbly-gook you read every day on opportunity web
sites. I won't bore you with sugary words of wisdom or any lengthy, syrupy explanation of
my rags to riches story trimmed with all the failure and victories. Let's get down to

You are about to read pure, actionable business information on how YOU can
make money.
How SOON can you make it, how MUCH, and what you HAVE to do. I will
give you all the facts and figures.
Plain and simple. You are about to find out how to make
$4,000 within the next 7 days with a new, blockbuster system that was recently

This is not "gifting" or a matrix, or MLM.
You don't have to recruit anybody. There are
no levels, no uplines or downlines or meetings or cold calls. You don't have to spend all
day on the phone. You don't have to build a team. There are no monthly purchases.
is much easier.

It's about a VERY SUCCESSFUL offline program for the first time made available
on the Internet.
Millions of people can benefit from this product. And, you can be
amongst the first!

I don't know anything about you or what you do. But I do know this. The
employment model is broken (it doesn't work any more) and good, honest opportunities
are hard to find.
So make sure you read everything on this web site.

Finally a powerful, simple solution that will bring excitement, relief and financial
security into your life.
You will (once and for all) have the peace-of-mind knowing that
your life's money worries will finally be over — just as you always knew it was meant to
be one day.

I'm going to share with you the exact secrets to achieving success. If you follow the
program step-by-step,
you're going to make money, lots of 7-14 days...working a
couple of hours a day, and some days no work at all!


"The 123 Power System is a real business with a real product that is shipped to your  
door via Priority Mail"

People are making as much as $800 within the first 48 hours with this program. I'm not
going to make you sit through through a gazillion "blah-blah" testimonials like many web
sites do. You want proof you can believe, right?


No Computer or internet skills required!

Because the Internet is loaded with pretenders and hype I've gone to great lengths to do
the opposite by holding nothing back. All those other "worthless income opportunities" out
there are selling nothing but a bunch of hot air and theory.  At the end of this page you
will see why this is different than anything else you've ever seen.

Over the years, I have created, tested, tweaked, and perfected systems and income
producing techniques that almost magically generate immediate income. Nobody offers a
"Turn-Key" money system like this, not with this level of speed and simplicity...NOBODY!

The secret of the 1-2-3 Power System consists of using a 3 STEP Method for generating
immediate income, then utilizing some of that cash to raise your income up to $4000 or
more every 7 days.  It's the ultimate, most 'rewarding' 3 step method to super profits, fast!  
And once it's in your possession you will have the unshakable confidence to make money
on demand with mind-boggling simplicity.

This is one of the few programs I know where 98% have the chance to succeed in a
world where 98% fail! Once you have this information, the power is in your hands. Will
you create a lifestyle of prosperity and freedom or will continue to struggle for the next 40
years? It's 100% up to you!

Let's Not Waste Anymore Time....Here Are The 3
Steps Of My Income System Fully Explained With
All The Facts, Figures And Numbers...

STEP1: Earning Immediate Money Even
If You Are Almost BROKE...

And ending the viscous circle of spending more money than you make!

The #1 reason people fail in business is because they don't know how to market
and do not have
sufficient funds to really get things off the ground.
Yes, they might
spend $30 to $200 buying a "business opportunity," but then realize that they have to
spend another $500 to $1500 in marketing expenses and end up quitting before they
even start.

Most programs don't pay enough money up-front to cover initial expenses
The few that manage to advertise find out very quickly, that their advertising is
not effective and the up front profit is too low. These unfortunate souls spend a ton of
money and time trying to sell products, filling up matrixes, doing affiliate promotions etc..
and all for what?…to receive a lousy $50 check in the mail from the company?? That's
INSANE if you ask me.

Folks…all that has ENDED! STEP 1 of this system is a remarkable offline/online
combination of "reverse direct mail marketing," free massive Internet traffic and
special classified ads for turning as little as $30 to $60 into as much  as $800 or
more of working capital in a matter of a week.

Then place a fraction of that profit back into Step1 and start the other two steps, to get up
$4000 or more every seven days over and over again. You will be able to utilize
free or extremely low cost and innovative marketing techniques to receive a quick infusion
of money to your new business.

Applying this method you can raise start up money for any business on a "Shoe
String Budget"
any time and "quadruple your profits" every time you advertise. The
nature of this system allows you to have gobs of money deposited into your account with
very little effort.

I have utilized these techniques time and time again and they have never failed me.
THERE IS NO SELLING. These little known and misunderstood methods of Step 1can
give you the money you need for any new home business in no time flat.

This month, "just one" of my techniques generated $4,500 with $300!

If I had only fifty lousy bucks and was living in the middle of nowhere, this single
step would get me out of financial suicide.
It requires no selling, it's easy, it's fun, and
best of all it can be done from your kitchen table the same day that you receive your
package.  Many people are surprised to see how simple this is, and they are are earning
a full time income doing it. YET, if you want a lot more, PLEASE READ ON…

STEP2: Powerful Secrets Of The Internet, Email
And Fax Marketing. Getting $1,000 To $4,000
Every Week.

Once you receive your initial $400 or $800 from STEP 1, you can invest only $50-$200
into STEP 2 of the program.
The rest you can keep or invest it into STEP 3 and scale it
up. How do you think all these "once poor gurus" you read about got to be millionaires?
Scaling and compounding!

The problem is, NOBODY tells you exactly how to do it. Nobody wants to reveal their real
connections. It's ridiculous. I don't know about you, but I have read hundreds of eBooks
written by gurus on how to make money. At the end, they don't tell you everything, there
are always missing pieces. They keep you coming back so you buy more information.

STEP 2 reveals the exact same stuff the big gurus don't want you to know.  It involves a
NON-SPAM email and/or fax broadcasting service. Spam compliant Email and fax
broadcasting are the "secrets of the super marketers" because they are very effective
when done right.
 But we don't offer not just any broadcasting service.

As some of you may already know, if you've done any kind of email or fax broadcasting
before, there are many unscrupulous companies out there. Many of these companies
don't even provide you with proof that they have sent out your broadcast.

When they do finally send emails or faxes it is usually SPAM (unsolicited mail) which is
not good and doesn't work. Unfortunately, many people continue to use these types of
services, throwing more good money after bad. If you don't know the correct email or fax
broadcasting companies to use or if the lists are not current you will be fighting an uphill

This Is What Your Competition Doesn't
Want You To Know...

The KEY is finding low-cost, reputable companies that send emails, faxes or direct mail to
people that have OPTED in for receiving information on EXACTLEY what you are selling.

Over 79 MILLION hungry people are searching every month for ways to make money
from home.

The information in Step 2 is INVALUABLE! My competition has been trying to find out

1.  Call any of our recommended email and/or fax companies and order a broadcast.
2.  Order a 25,000 to 100,000 email blast or 1000 to 2000 fax blast promoting the 1-2-3
Power System.    
You should receive an average of 40-100 responses.
3.  Use my powerful system to turn 10-30 or more of those 40-100 responses into orders
for this package or       any other promotion you like where you can make a profit of $200
and above.
4.  Collect your money! Then send your customers the package they have ordered (or
have it sent for you).
5. Repeat this process as many times as you like! Each order will earn you $200.
If you receive 20 orders this equates to $200 X 20 orders = $4,000 in 7 days. Pretty
simple right?

Naturally you may do more. The least amount of orders some of our members received
has been 6 orders in a week (during December – Christmas Time - $1200) with the most
being 40 orders from a 1000 to 2000 piece fax blast or a 25,000 to 100,000 NON-SPAM
email blast!

Why does this system get such fantastic results when
other programs are lucky just to get 2 or 3 orders?  

First, you can rest assured that your ad will be delivered to people who have not
received this offer before.  

Secondly, these fax numbers have not been advertised to death with hundreds
of programs, so they are very receptive to your offer. Combine all of these things
together and success is achievable by anyone who uses this system.

I will provide you with a special letter to send to people that respond to the emails or
faxes.  Follow the simple directions that are included with the letter and start generating
money.  Please note that this special letter is designed to generate serious money very
quickly, so please don't waste a minute putting it into use!

STEP 3: Making $21,000 A Month Using

If you really want to skyrocket your income without spending a fortune
and have someone else doing all the work, then please read on...

I'd like to show you how easy it is to use scientifically proven direct marketing strategies
to increase your sales and profits by 200% to 300% during a recession.

Direct mail IS and ALWAYS will be the average person's best chance to go from "Broke"
to "Bentley."

Direct mail promotion is HOTTER THAT EVER because of information overload on the
Internet. When people see an offer in the mail they place a higher value on it.

You can be making $21,000 a month with Step 3 alone without lifting a finger and I will
show you exactly how to set this up and have it run on autopilot.

You'll never fold or stuff any envelopes, lick a stamp, or mail any letters.  You can do this
Step 3 at any time in the program.  If you really want to skyrocket your income without
spending a fortune then please read on.  

Just one 5 minute phone call to a resource I provide is all it takes!

The 3 Biggest Mistakes That Cause Mail Order

I know how many people live on a hope and a dream when they're getting started with
direct marketing, getting sucked into products and sales systems that don't convert into
sales.  I've been there, and I know what a drag it can be.

Most people spend a small fortune mailing postcards and flyers for some dealership,
affiliate or MLM company that pay $10 to $50 commission. Then they get less than a 1%
response and
only make a few bucks.  How sick is that?  This is a recipe for FAILURE!

Like we said in Step 1, most programs don't pay you enough up-front per sale.  If you
only get $10 to $50 up front then it takes over a 3-5% response rate to cover your
marketing. Most sales letters, flyers, booklets etc. from those dealership, affiliates, clubs
or MLM companies can barely pull a 1/4%.

They don't pay you quickly enough.  Companies tend to keep your money as much as
one month after a sale has been made before they send your first pay check.  What good
is that?  With your independent program you get paid directly. No waiting.

Many mail brokers send to the wrong people. They send to an overworked and
unproductive mailing list. Don't ever work with companies that mail to old worn out lists or
mail to the same people over and over again alienating the list. This is where experience
comes in and I will show you how to avoid this problem.

Blockbuster Mail Order Secrets EXPOSED!

It has been working like clockwork for years. This is why:

Right now, 1-2-3 Power System members make a fortune by mailing only a few letters a
week for the 1-2-3 Power System.  How much you may ask?  Well to be on the
conservative side, we are getting an
average of 1% to 3% order rate.  COMPARE THIS
WITH THE 1/4% OF OTHER COMPANIES!  In fact, we have never have received less
than 1 %.  We have even received as much as 5% order rate.  Here is why:

1. It has an awesome sales letter that pulls in orders at a very high rate.
2. The advertising package has great VALUABLE information every marketer wants to
2. Targeted, fresh mailing lists of hungry, willing buyers.
3. The up-front sale is
"a beefy $200" so your profit is 4 times bigger than the cost.

I will provide 100% of the information you need and the entire system to make it work for

250   Letters -      $162 @ 1% to 3% response rate @ $200 per order = YOUR
$400 TO $1,200
500   Letters -      $325 @ 1% to 3% response rate @ $200 per order = YOUR
$1,000 TO $3,000
1000 Letters -      $650 @ 1% to 3% response rate @ $200 per order = YOUR
$2,000 TO $6,000
2000 Letters -   $1,300 @ 1% to 3% response rate @ $200 per order = YOUR
$4,000 TO $12,000  

Get this…even if you only get a
½ of a percent (which is unlikely, if you follow these
footsteps the right way) you will still make killer profits.

If you follow my simple instructions, you will able to send
as many letters as you like to
without paying a dime out of your
own pocket.
You've read it correctly.

You will be able to use part of the money that you've gained from STEP 1 and utilize it to
do your mailings.  
But pay attention…I will also show you how to get free supplies for
your mailings.


Every technique I use to get amazing response rates will be shown to you...including how
to find the best types of mailing lists for this program, envelope tricks, how to avoid
common mistakes etc..


Get paid $200 for every order.
Drastically lower or completely do away with out of pocket mailing costs.
Discover the secrets of getting tremendous response rates.
Discover how to get paid in as little as 2 to 5 days from mailing your first letters.
How to get free supplies for your mailings…including postage.
How to earn up to $21,000 a month without doing any of the work.
How to have a company do all your mailings…drastically saving on postage and time.
Have use of all the tested and proven marketing materials.

The 3 STEPS you just read about are producing $1,000 - $5,000 weekly, and
sometimes daily, for 1-2-3 Power System members. All you have to do is copy the
promotional techniques, strategies, & methods and watch the money roll in!  

Use It To Promote Any Program

Go from small potatoes to BIG business in weeks!

You can build capital for any business starting with limited funds.  And make
money on autopilot from the comfort of your own home without having to call anyone.

You have a very powerful marketing system to effectively promote just about
any money making product or program.
 The 1-2-3 Power System was perfected
after years of research, testing and promotions. It's the only one I know that allows you to
start on a very low budget or even no budget at all and work up making
$4,000 a week in
a very short time.

You can promote the 1-2-3 Power System to others and have them send their
payments directly to you.
 This is how you can make money your very first week.  You
can use the same methods, sales letters, ads, tools and the ONLINE MARKETING
SYSTEM that I use to make thousands a week.

If you follow the 1-2-3 Power System correctly, PLUS MY ADDITIONS TO IT you
won't have to work very hard at all.
In fact most of it is run on auto-pilot. You will be
able to decrease your risk factor to nearly nothing and become insanely profitable
working very part-time with limited funds.

You will receive the same system, tools, contact names and phone numbers
plus step-by-step,
easy to follow, marketing instructions that I use to
generate a multiple six figure income.

That's Not All...There Are Even More Weapons
In The 1-2-3 Power System...

Just by following ONE of the steps in the 1-2-3 Power System can earn you up to
$4000 a week and  usually no less than $1000 a week
. To be perfectly honest, it's
probably going to be a whole lot more.  However, I'm purposely low keying this so that
you don't think that this program is some type of get rich quick scheme.

But here is more:

Discover the secret to earning an enormous income, while having someone else do all
the work!  
How to invest $16.00 and turn it into over $4000 in as little as 30 to 90 days without lifting
a finger!
How to rake in as much as
$17,000 a WEEK in cash by providing a simple much sought
after service that over forty million people desperately want and need!  
"How To Use Classified Advertorials To Increase Your Sales"
This method brought in
912 inquiries
in a two week period with tiny classifieds.
"Turn $100 into $3091, then, $1000 into $30,913, then $10,000 into A WHOPPING
Yes you read that right. With the power of "arbitrage", a phenomenal company that will let
you earn the
above amount!
If you order WITHIN SEVEN  DAYS, you will receive the following
items and services (Sold Separately at $695) for FREE!
With the "NEW ENHANCED VERSION" you will be able to:

Fax Broadcast To THOUSANDS For FREE  -  This service allows you to fax broadcast
to thousands of eager prospects for FREE. You will only pay for the list, which usually
runs from $30 to $90 per thousand.
Free Marketing Rights To This Exact Same Offer!  I am getting a ton of orders just
because of this simple addition to the 1-2-3 POWER SYSTEM.
Accept payments today from people with no credit card or PayPal. With this Check-
By-Fax Software you can convert faxed checks into real checks in less than 5 minutes.
This is why 20 or more people out of every 40-100 responses who
receive this offer, don't waste a minute ordering!

Now Comes The Most Exciting Part! The Secret
That Make Everything Work Bigger And Faster:
My Proprietary Online Marketing System.


Good business is about "marketing done right."

If you don't know how to market, you don't have a business. If you don't know how to
advertise and make a profit, you'll join the ranks of the 98% that fail. When you become
my associate with the 1-2-3 Power System, you will get access to my private marketing
system and
my jealously guarded jewels of "real" online tactics and resources that will
EXPLODE your 1-2-3 Power System business to a whole new level.

Please give me some credit! This is not some stupid eBook written by "some writer" or
"some hired clever copy writer" that never made a penny on the Internet. This is my real,
uncut, unaltered system and training file with all the knowledge on which my career
depends on.

Actionable knowledge you can use to make yourself money right now. The same
strategies that consistently make me millions and millions of dollars in sales every year.

You don't have to research anything or struggle for information or waste
money experimenting with things that don't work. I have done it all for you!

It took me 10 years, thousands of hours and HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF
DOLLARS to find the right tools, services, marketing systems and promotions that
generate MASSIVE PAID AND FREE TRAFFIC GENERATION.  Discover what works and
what doesn't, and how to turn the Internet into a never ending river of money in ANY

As my associate you will have access to all of it. You can receive:

A system fully customized to you.
A login website with "my guarded secrets" on how to drive massive traffic that will
generate loads of buyers for your 1-2-3 Power System or whatever other program you
want to promote.
ALL my promotional materials: Ads, emails, sales letters, etc.
Ongoing flow of money making information, sent to you by email.
Latest marketing techniques and Internet "stay up to date" information.
This is a preview:

How to advertise free
in thousands of article directories and web site directories.
The top list with the best free classified web sites.
How to use free and paid press releases to rank on the front page of Google and
generate a traffic frenzy immediately.
More than 30 ways to generate FREE traffic.
How to beat the competition in Google pay-per-click and pay pennies for clicks instead of
Easy to understand SEO information that really works.  This is it.  Don't read another
SEO eBook.
How to use forums and social media sites to generate FREE, highly qualified leads.
How to use free blogs to generate traffic and build a list of loyal customers..
The free and paid software pieces I use to run my entire business.  I use the best!
The free and paid services I use to operate my business.
The secret of advertising on Craigs list without getting kicked out.
Plus much, much more. Too much to list here.   
------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------

You Can Either Do this for next to nothing Or Purchase One
Of These Expensive Businesses With All The
Stress And Headaches That Come With Them.

Congratulations For Reading This Far....

You must be eager to start making money. I respect you for that. So far, you have been
introduced to an awesome money making system from a REAL PERSON, GENERATING
REAL RESULTS. Me. You were given VIDEO PROOF of members making REAL

NOT For Everybody!

In Fact, I Urge You to Click Off From This Site Unless
You've Got The Salt And The Mind Set To Do This:

#1: You must accept... that no matter what any "greedy CEO " or "pencil-pushing
Government employer " tells you... you simply cannot possibly plan your financial security
by giving away your time for nothing working as an employee and obeying like a poodle
on the leash for a lousy paycheck that doesn't solve your problems.

You must wake up and realize the EMPLYOMENT MODEL IS BROKEN. It doesn't work
anymore. That we have a corrupted Government system that is not looking out for you
(no matter who runs it). Companies and Government don't hold the key to your future.
YOU DO...and...

#2: You must reject and become nauseated at the thinking of working for some boss and
punch a clock.
Suffer through traffic every morning. Worrying about the economy. Making
EXCUSES that the economy is bad. Making excuses to your kids why you are never
around. Letting other people tell you what you are worth.
Being always short of money and time and planning everything you do around the
limitation of your income.

You must realize the only way to bring money into your life is by becoming an
and putting your spine on the line, tilting your thinking into vertical, taking
action and producing numbers. You either have a system that does that or you don't.  
You either apply it or you don't. Period.  It's embarrassingly easy when applying the 1-2-3
Power System with my training.

Do You Desire To Achieve
Success and Prosperity?

You can be days away from making $4,000 a week.
* This is your invitation to break
free from the rat race. To buy everything you want. Buy a new home, a new car, pay off
your debts, send your kids to college and support your parents or family members you
care about.

Achieve the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you can make money
any time you need it.
You have the weapons and the knowledge and nobody or
nothing can hold you back. Not a person, a company, the Government or the economy.

What would you pay for a system that can deliver all this to you?


Please understand: The 1-2-3 Power System is NOT some cheap eBook used as an
excuse just to make money. It's a Highly Valuable Package loaded with the most powerful
money making information you will ever find.

Plus, don't forget you have access to my personal system and training. The same
information that is giving me and my family a free, wealthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

Are you ready to become a successful entrepreneur?  Or will you remain a wanna-
preneur sitting on the sideline, waiting for the perfect moment that never comes?  The
perfect moment is now.

I'm confident that this product will change your life.  This is not information you will find in
the mainstream direct marketing, in books, or on the Internet.  The information is
exclusive to this system, tried and proven, and physically shipped to your doorstep via
Priority mail.

The package is a real system fully loaded with a Quickstart guide, a manual with proven
ads and resources, lists, contacts, training on how to make the most amount of money
with your advertising, a CD and much more.

Initially, the company wanted to charge $999 for this package. I think it would be worth
every penny and then some. However, they wanted to make this system accessible to
everyone. They thought about $495 then $279 and amazingly brought it down to $200.
But hurry, because any day they will raise this price. The demand for this product is rising
rapidly. Why? This package has one of the highest conversion rates in direct marketing.

Look, I hope $200 is not all you have. If the $200.00 is going to send you broke and
keeping you from feeding your family tonight...if you have to take it out of your rent
money...Please Don't Buy It!

It only takes ONE SALE to make your money back.  You have nothing to lose. If you are a
serious player, sick and tired of living month by month and really want to start calling the
shots in your own business and change your life, then ORDER NOW!

Today you have in your hands, a proven business to create an insane income for you
and your family on a daily basis.

You'll be respected, recognized and admired for being a successful person. You may
even become a legend in the marketing world! OUR TEAM IS HERE TO HELP YOU!

Your decision will have a HUGE impact on your future and will change your life. You can't
afford missing pieces, hesitations and wrong decisions. Let me help you.

With This Small Ticket Product...Be Next!

FAST DELIVERY! All Orders Are Shipped Out The Next Day By Priority Mail. You Will
Receive Your 1-2-3 Power System Package Delivered To Your Front Door Within The
Next 2-4 Days.



1-2-3 Ready Money

1-2-3 Ready Money

Click Here to Buy Now
"Read how the 3 Steps of the 1-2-3 Power System work and then make   
sure you read about my "personal marketing additions and bonuses"
   Including 30 WAYS to generate FREE traffic to your site! "
For those who need help with the math, here are the

Compare what a regular
business will cost  you


Document Management Paper
Office Software Company

Price: $130,000

Revenue $55,000

Profit: $45,000

For checks and money orders contact me





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You don't like what You see in the mirror and You need a change RIGHT NOW? Or You tried everything and still no visible result? Or You just want to be healthy? Then, Acai Power Blast is for You!
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